Monday, January 19, 2015

Holiday 2014 Mashup

Happy New Year to our loved ones near and far, and to those we've never met but who continue to check in on us. Here are some photos from Holidays 2014:

Karaoke Thanksgiving

 My mom (Grandma O) came out for Thanksgiving. 

Linda, Patty and Annie were also in town, along with the usual suspects. It was the first time in more than a year all the siblings had been together - so fun! 

Mister was allowed in our house, and we were reminded of how thankful we are that he is staying with Katie and Barry. 

Did I mention, it was a Karaoke Thanksgiving? Eric and Barry brought the house down.

If you're not making your children cry, you're doing it wrong.

Sister duet.

Stephen and Laura are "Extreme"
When Katie and Linda chose "Circle of Life," from the Lion King soundtrack. Mister didn't stand a chance.


We got a ton of mileage out of the Santa hats that Eric's Aunt Amy made them last year. The twins love them and wore them every time we left the house. Here we are on a walk to see Santa Clause at our neighborhood community center.

Santa arrived on a fire truck, which was SO EXCITING. Naturally, Gus and Greta would not get within 10 feet of Santa, but they loved the fire truck! (I spliced 2 photos together here b/c they refused to look in the same direction at the same time.)

 Christmas Tree shopping...

...and decorating.

 Christmas Eve photo shoot - Gus overseeing some last minute light adjustments.

Sort of both smiling at the same time.

Most of the photos turned out more like this.

On Christmas Eve we had Stephen, Laura, Katie and Barry over for dinner and opened some presents. Gus and Greta were extremely helpful, even opening presents that weren't for them.

Christmas came bright and early at 6am. Santa brought the twins a toy kitchen and a Thomas the train starter kit. 

An art easel from Omi and Dan was also a big hit.

Some new books from Grandpa and Grandma Hassie

A nutritious breakfast of Crème Brûlée French toast.

And then a walk around the neighborhood to burn off some of those carbs.

Greta is very into bags and purses. She insisted on carrying her "purse" on the walk. A few weeks ago, I was folding laundry and she was wearing a pair of my underwear around her neck ("scarf") and carrying a tank top on her shoulder ("purse.) Having a girl is a trip!

Gus is such a big brother. I think after this photo was taken he gave her a noogie. (Christmas outfits courtesy of Grandma O.)

 Eric made me this ornament for Christmas out of stainless steel - he designed it himself and carved it on the water jet machine where he works. It's too big for the tree (about 8 inches across) so I am going to figure out a way to mount it and frame it. I got him a cheese/cutting board made of olive wood (also pictured here.) For people who don't normally do gifts I think we did all right this year!

Christmas would have been Seamus' 6th birthday. It's such an emotional, bittersweet, and exhausting day. I was able to escape for a solo walk later in the afternoon and was rewarded with this beautiful Christmas sunset, a few tears, and many sweet memories of our Christmas baby.

New Year/Birthday

After going to bed early on New Years Eve (as is my tradition), I woke up early and went for a very cold, very beautiful run. Later that day, we drove up to Puyallup to spend a few days (including my bday) with the Gilberts. I turned late-thirty-something the day after New Years, and we all went up to the mountains for some sledding. There wasn't much snow, but we didn't let that stop us. The twins had a blast and are still talking about it!

 Maddie and Greta shredding.

 Me and Greta about to take off - Yavonne with the assist.

 Greta loved the snow!

 Gus, too!

After sledding, Matt and Yavonne took us out to dinner and we even went to a bar afterwards. I was definitely feeling my age the next day!