Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Uncharted Territory

Well, the twins are now officially older than Seamus ever was. It's a bittersweet milestone, equal parts scary and exhilarating.  So much of parenting these two has felt like falling back into a familiar groove, which has been wonderful in that we have felt reasonably competent and confident as parents, and there have been many healing moments where something the twins do triggers a memory of Seamus. The down side is that our familiar groove comes to an abrupt end right about now. As soon as the twins hit 18 months I felt this horrible dread set in. It has been a constant challenge to relax and remind myself that death isn't something that inevitably happens at 22 months, 15 days.

At the same time, I'm exhausted. Six years of parenting children under 2 has taken its toll - babies and toddlers are so hard! I am ready to experience the next stage. We are already noticing the twins surpassing Seamus in some areas.

Gus is pretty much on the Seamus track - he's extremely physical and interested in running, jumping, climbing, conquering. Maybe it's having a sibling, but he's also a lot more social than Seamus ever was. He talks to and waves at strangers all the time. He approaches other kids and starts "conversations" with them. He loves making people laugh and will frequently hurt himself trying to entertain us or get our attention.  He's talking a lot but so far we haven't heard any spontaneous sentences from him. All in all, I'd say that Gus is still pretty much in our comfort zone developmentally.

Greta, on the other hand is already so far beyond where Seamus was verbally that she blows our minds on a daily basis. A perfect example is from yesterday morning. We had gone to the pumpkin patch on Saturday (pictures below), which laid the groundwork for our conversation on Monday morning:

Me: "Do you remember when we saw a tractor at the farm?"
Gus: (jumping up and down) "Tractor! Tractor! Tractor! Tractor!"
Greta: (brow furrowed, concentrating very hard) "Tractor ride. Tractor bumpy ride. A green tractor. And another yellow tractor."
Me: (dumbstruck)

a few minutes later:

Me: "Do you remember when we saw animals in the barn?"
Gus: (jumping up and down) "Animal! Animal! Animal! Animal!"
Greta: "Bunny eating. Bunny all done. A cow. A goat. Llama go night night."
Me: (dumbstruck)

I just can't wait to have conversations with these 2. I know they have so much to tell us! Here are some pictures from the Pumpkin Patch. Happy Fall!