Friday, May 30, 2014


It's been nearly 2 weeks since we returned, but I am still smiling from our vacation down south (and still crying a little bit from the 5 hour flights). We had a bunch of frequent flier miles that we wanted to use before the twins turn 2 (at which point we will likely never be able to afford flying again), so we decided to head to the Southeastern USA to visit my college girlfriends and their families. Weather and Chris live in Athens, and their family has a lake house in Northeastern Georgia, where we had the absolute pleasure of staying for most of the week. Martha and her kiddos also drove up from Tallahassee to join us for a few days.

At the airport, checking out da planes.

Taking up space in downtown Athens.

Emmie was so sweet, holding Greta's hand while we walked.

Gris was able to come with us and was an enormous help, as always! It was funny watching her try to make sense out of the southern accent.  

Martha got the kids adorable matching outfits and they reacted predictably. As all parents know, the more you plan a photo shoot, the less it works out.
Martha is VERY surprised at how well this is going.

Love this picture of Emmie chasing bubbles, and Gussie channelling Jay Z in his crooked fedora. 

The pool was a huge hit with the boys.

Mealtime chaos. Cheetos everywhere.

Dance party on the boat

Father-daughter pout

Gus' favorite part of the boat ride was the radio dial within reach. That never happens!!

Kids in bed, beers on the deck. Perfection.

Good morning Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Watermelon feast.

They almost posed for a picture together. 

Group strategy session.
 Post-bath Greta says goodnight to Beckett.

 Hiking buddies.

 Group exercise to counteract Southern food. 

 Kids in a wagon - always adorable.

The ride home was rough - the airline split us up and put me in a window seat 8 rows in front of Eric, even though we had made our reservation months in advance and reserved 2 aisle seats close to each other. I'm still feeling pretty stabby over that. 

Luckily, Gus slept on Gris the whole way home, so Eric and I were able to trade off on Greta duty. 

It's good to be home but we miss our friends! I can't wait until everyone moves to Portland. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seamus in Chicago

I follow the Montana Office of Tourism on Facebook, and a few months ago they put out a request for followers to submit amateur photos of Montana for an ad campaign they were doing in Chicago. I immediately thought of the picture of Seamus at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. I sent in the photo, and about a month ago received notice that it had been chosen. That is how a giant picture of Seamus came to be hanging in Addison Station near Wrigley Field. The photo will be up for a few more days (I think), but if you're not able to get there I've included a few photos of the photo below. The bottom two were taken by my sister Linda's friends Laura and Adam, who live in Chicago. We are so proud!

Here is the link to the Montana Facebook page which has all the photos.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catching up...

Last week, Greta had to undergo a minor surgical procedure to repair 2 small hernias in her groin. This was caught by her pediatrician at the twins' 15 month visit. Thankfully, it was not an emergency situation so we were able to think things through and plan ahead. We took a few months to choose a surgeon and line everything up for the day. We were even able to schedule the procedure for a week when my dad and Hassie were in town - it was great have some grandparent support!

Greta did really well aside from emerging from anesthesia really grumpy (we were told this was to be expected). She was pretty much back to her normal self the next day. Amazing how resilient those little bodies are!

 Only toddlers can make hospital clothes look cute. 

This is Greta after the surgery, once she calmed down and stopped hating us. 

The surgery was at 9am, and we were home by 2pm. This was pretty much the rest of our day. 

Some other stuff happened recently, including Easter and my dad's birthday. I mentioned that Dad and Hassie were in town - it was a great visit despite the stressful day of surgery. 

Gus got to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa while Greta was home recovering from her surgery. They took him to an indoor playground on account of the pouring rain. 

The twins loved going out for pizza with Grandma and Grandpa.

 My dad played peekaboo from inside the fabric tube. Gus was mildly impressed.

On Easter/Dad's birthday, Eric made carnitas and Katie, Barry, Stephen and Laura joined us. There were cupcakes, singing of happy birthday, a candle, laughter, etc. You will just have to trust me. I have only 2 pictures from the evening - one is blurry and one is just bad, so out of courtesy to the people in the bad photograph, I am not going to post it on the internet. Happy Birthday, Dad!!

Also, Happy belated Easter!