Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day Photo Shoot

The twins turned 15 months old yesterday. Since we were stuck inside on yet another snow day, we decided to dress up and take some pictures…

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowpocolypse 2014

We had a crazy snow storm in Portland starting on Thursday and continuing through the weekend.

 Either Gus and Greta are amazed by the snow or they just can't move their limbs due to all the clothing.

I was kicking myself all weekend for being so caught off guard by the storm. I have a deadline at work next week and so even though campus was closed I had to work from home the morning of the snow day. By the time I made it to a store they were all sold out of sleds. I called around but I think the whole city was pretty much sold out, so we were forced to improvise with a storage bin. Lesson learned!

 Yeah,  sorry guys this is not really happening with my old lady knees and back. 

Aunt Katie came over on Friday and we made a few runs down the hill on the side of our house.

Day 2 was MUCH better. We had fine-tuned the getting dressed part so that it was under an hour. Eric drilled some holes in our "sled" and tied a rope to it. We went to the park and got so many compliments on our home made sled! Overlook park has an AWESOME sledding hill. It made me so excited for them to get old enough to really go for it. I resolve to be more prepared in future years!

Can you tell how much they LOVE their snow day attire?

Some quality indoor time was had as well.

 Our bird feeders had tons of traffic this weekend, which was fun for all of us, especially Greta who lets out a piercing squeal whenever she sees an animal of any kind. The bushtits are a regular feature on the suet, and for the first time ever we managed to attract a northern flicker woodpecker.

 Big gusts of wind and snow do not deter these guys.

They are super common here but I think that their markings are spectacular. It's so fun to see this one up close. Hope he keeps coming back.