Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Eric and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year - a pretty daunting task considering the little whirling dervishes underfoot at all times. Despite the many challenges of hosting a dinner for 11, it was definitely a big improvement over last year, when we ate leftover casserole and watched the Jets get trounced by the Patriots in the infamous "butt fumble" game. (Yes, butt fumble has its own wikipedia page). This year we cooked a turkey and had a very nice spread with some significant contributions from our guests, who included the usual suspects plus our au pair Gris, Laura's mom Carol and our longtime family friend, Brett. Laura's family is Jewish so we even got to celebrate the first day of Hanukkah (aka Thanksgivikkah, for those of you who have not been on the internet in the last 2 months.)

I realize it looks like Thanksgiving exploded in this picture, but the twins actually ate like champions - so much so that they needed a post-dinner bath. 

Stephen kept them entertained while we cleaned up.

Here's a few more pictures from our otherwise non-eventful weekend, which included a series of tiny  striped sweaters, a couple of trips to the park, a walk to get some coffee and a detour through the Adidas campus. 

Some chair pictures, for old time's sake.

Gus is sprouting some curls - he reminds me more of Seamus every day!