Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Gus and Greta turned one on Sunday! My mom was in town for a few days, but had to leave on Saturday so we celebrated their birthday on Friday evening with pizza, beer and cupcakes. I will admit that it was not the twins' finest moment - you will notice them looking pissed off and/or confused in all the pictures, but maybe they knew it was not their actual birthday? At any rate, it is a huge milestone for me and Eric - we know from experience that things get exponentially more fun in the next few months. It's starting already!

Greta is a little pointing machine. She walks around with her index finger at her side, like a gun in a holster, ready to whip it out anytime she sees something interesting. Gus is the entertainer - modeling hats, stacking blocks and throwing balls, and making crazy noises just to get a reaction out of us. He laughs all the time. Greta is more discerning in her humor, which just makes us all the more ridiculous when trying to get her to crack.

I have told my friends that my life feels a little bit like the movie Groundhog Day. I have 3 kids; I have been a parent since 2008, but have only ever celebrated first birthdays. I am SO excited to embark on the next stage of toddlerhood - hearing them talk, introducing new adventures, new foods, watching them explore, taking them places... I'm ready for the tantrums and the struggles too. I just want to graduate. I think I should have an honorary Ph.D. in babies. (Note to self: add new degree to resume.) 

Anyway, here are some pictures of our celebration, and also some photos we took on their actual birthday. We went for a long walk to a park in our old neighborhood that we used to take Seamus to. It has gotten a makeover and is super toddler-friendly. The kids had a blast and so did we. 

Party hats were busted out.

Gus hates our singing.

Greta is not impressed either.

Cupcakes? Meh. 

Presents, however, are delicious!

Greta during a rare moment of belly laughs.

Gus looking super Irish.


Sweet Greta.

I want to send a shout out to everyone who has reached out over the last few weeks - both to remember Seamus and to celebrate the twins' birthday. Dad and Hassie were out of the country but provided a box that entertained the twins for weeks before we opened it and discovered toys that were even more interesting than the box! We love hearing from everyone.