Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three Years

Tonight we lit a bunch of candles and told Gus and Greta about their big brother as we were giving them their bedtime bottles. When they finished their milk, we wrapped them in blankets and took them outside to try to see if we could get a glimpse at the moon. Alas, this is Portland so naturally it was cloudy, but since they didn't really know what our purpose was they were not disappointed. We read them "I Am a Bunny," put them both in some snuggly hand-me-down PJ's from Seamus, and kissed them goodnight. Now the house is quiet and Eric and I are about to enjoy some winter beers and a homemade dinner. As far as tradition goes, this feels pretty good, and like the kind of ritual we can all look forward to once a year.

We were so lucky to have my mom here for the last few days. Eric and I got to spend the whole day together yesterday - including brunch, a movie and some birthday shopping for Gus and Greta. We also had a little birthday party for the twins yesterday evening (more on that later). I've been thinking so much about Seamus lately - remembering his laugh, his sweet running-start hugs, and the way he powered through every minute of his 22 months on this earth.

We also learned this week that Seamus' transplant recipients are both doing well. The little girl who received his liver is absolutely thriving. His heart recipient has had a rough couple of years, and actually required another heart transplant in 2011. As tough as it is to learn that Seamus heart is no longer beating, we still are tremendously comforted by the fact that it gave this little girl a second chance at life, and we will always wish her and her family well. Her third heart appears to be doing the job, and last we heard she was taking dance lessons.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out this week. It's really amazing to hear from so many people who are still thinking about Seamus and sending love. We feel every bit of it.