Saturday, October 12, 2013

11 months ... and this chair thing is getting old.

Quality control has officially ceased with these monthly photo shoots, in favor of safety and the preservation of parental sanity. This was the second night of attempting to capture their 11-month-old adorableness. The first night was pretty much a disaster:

Anywhere other than the chair, they were angelic little toddlers. Put them in the chair and they turned into squirming, crying, red-faced snotty-nosed monsters. Greta thinks this is some kind of joke.

 Eric calls these her "Fredericks of Hollywood" PJ's.

Gussy cooperated for about 5 seconds, but of course the flash didn't go off. 

I have been stressing out about the obligatory trip to the pumpkin patch. Outings like that are so stressful since they are still napping twice a day, and their meals take FOREVER. Thinking of the crowds, the traffic and the very strong probability we would end up with 2 very grumpy kids at the end of it all...  well, it just didn't seem worth it for a couple of pictures. Next year it will be a different story as they will probably enjoy themselves, but this year, after much thought, we came up with an alternative, which was to buy some pumpkins, put them on our porch, dress the kids in their Sunday finest, and take some pictures. I have to say it was much better and less disruptive to all of us!