Friday, July 5, 2013

Babies, Birthdays, and Beer

Gus and Greta are approaching 8 months now and there are so many new and fun things to report. They are both pulling themselves up and doing a lot of practice standing. Greta has started letting go and can stand on her own for 5 or so seconds. Gus can clap and high five; Greta can throw her hands up over her head when you say "Sooo big!" Honestly it's hard to keep track of all of their new and amazing accomplishments. My favorite recent development is that they are actually starting to play together. They chase each other around, squealing and laughing at each other. Sometimes I think my heart might explode from watching this. We're hoping to capture one of these scenes on video soon.

We had a bit of a heat wave last week, so the babies got to hang out semi-naked on the front porch. The grown ups had to wear clothes, unfortunately.

The last weekend of June, we celebrated Eric's birthday and the Organic Beer Festival in Overlook Park. Eric is not a big fan of birthdays, but I feel like the gods were smiling on him when they decided that this beer festival should occur on the last weekend of June every year, and that it should be 3 blocks from our house. Matt and Yavonne made the trip to Portland with their kids and a few of their friends. Katie, Barry, Stephen and Laura also joined us. It was a big group and we had a great time!

Moms of twins club.

The Gilbert twins and the DuBarry twins.

Unfortunately we had some leftover tokens, so we were forced to return to the beer festival on Sunday. 

I took this picture on Sunday morning in our front yard - definitely one of my favorite shots of them so far. 

With all of the craziness in our lives, particularly the sleep deprivation, I'm having a hard time keeping the blog up to date. Frankly I have become really sick of the look and format of the site and I am toying with ways to change it. I just have no time and no technical savvy, so it will probably be awhile before any changes happen! That said, I am very committed to keeping this thing going, because it offers a tangible connection between Seamus, Gus and Greta. I love that we are able to store all of these memories in one place. I'm also starting to dip my toes into Twitter and Instagram, so feel free to follow me (@dubarrypie) for more frequent photos and updates that are usually but not always baby-related.