Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet the Bixbys

Katie and Barry got married last weekend! Between my bridesmaid duties and wrangling babies, Eric and I didn't get to take any pictures of the ceremony and not many of the bride and groom except toward the end of the night, when our picture-taking skills were, uh... slightly compromised.  The ceremony was was held in a Gazebo overlooking the Peninsula Park rose garden. It was a perfect summer day in a beautiful location - you'll just have to trust me. And if you are a friend of Katie's I'm sure you will be seeing some pictures in a few weeks once their pro shots come back.

The happy couple bust a move.

  Katie (looking elegant) with our other sisters Linda and Annie. 

My goal for the day was to get a good picture of all four of us - it is a rare event that we all bathe on the same day, let alone dress up. This is the best we could do given our grumpy nap-deprived babies.

Gus was the first to start fading - he spent most of the evening in the Ergo with me. Greta had a little party in her, though. 

Here she is catching up with her Grandma O and her Great Grandma O, who made the trip from New York. Greta's middle name (and mine) is Egan, which is Great Grandma O's maiden name. 

Also representing the O'Sullivan's were my Aunt Eileen and Aunt Bonnie - party animals!

Greta got some quality time in with her Uncle Stephen...

...and Stephen's girlfriend Laura, where she decided she had enough and was going to catch some Z's.

Time to go home...

We dropped the babies off with Gris (our au pair), missing the first dance (another missed photo op). 

By the time we got back the party was slightly out of control.

There was dancing...

...the embarrassing kind of dancing (is there a name for this move?)

and singing....

...especially when Piano Man came on... hoping the pro photographer got a shot of everyone - there are people cut off to the left and right of this one. 

Perfect end to a perfect day!