Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Springtime is Swingtime

I remember taking Seamus to the park and putting him in the baby swing for the first time even though he was probably too small for it (see pictures here). Turns out the solution to the problem of the too-big-swing is to stick another baby in there. Gus + Greta = perfect fit!

In other news... 

Greta is officially crawling! It's funny because she was a little behind Gus in the "up on all fours" action but once she figured that out she wasted no time in learning how to move. Gus seems content to hang out on all fours, sometimes pushing himself into a downward dog position and sometimes propping himself up to a semi-sitting position, but so far no crawling. We are encouraging him to take all the time he needs.

Gus loves his Uncle Stephen. We walked over to the food carts on Sunday morning with Stephen, Katie and Barry. It's the only "eating out" we have attempted with the twins, aside from a brief appearance at a happy hour a few weeks ago.

For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to get some good pictures of Greta - she is so hard to photograph! (As opposed to Gus who will always mug for the camera and flash his crooked smile.) Out of approximately ten million photos, there were only a few that were not blurry. I do like this one, though. She took a half second to humor me after watching me chase her around the living room with the camera for 20 minutes.