Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday visit

My dad and Hassie were out for a visit last weekend - it was the second year in a row that my dad has been in Portland for his birthday. Last year we surprised them with the news that I was pregnant and so it's fun to think about how much has changed since then! No pregnancy announcements this year, but we did celebrate by presenting him with a paper plate full of ice cream and some other treats.

Both dad and Hassie got some good snuggle time in with the twins. Greta was under the weather all weekend so she wasn't feeling too much like posing for pictures, although we did get a cute video of her laughing at Aunt Katie (see below).

Here are a couple of short videos of the twins being super cute. We got Gus a Johnny Jump Up and it's probably his favorite thing in the whole world. He loves that thing so much. The last video is a rare Greta laugh captured on film. Gus will pretty much laugh at anything from a smile to a sneeze to a zerbert, but Greta makes you work for it - most of the time she just gives us a mildly amused (and slightly puzzled) look while we exhaust ourselves with every noise and silly face we can think of. Luckily, Katie and Barry are really good at getting Greta to laugh - in fact the first time I ever heard Greta laugh she was with Barry.