Monday, April 1, 2013

March Madness

This one's a framer! 

Me and Mr. Gus on the front porch. He is such a little drool factory!
Eric and Greta getting ready to go for a walk.

Summer paid us a visit over the weekend with temperatures in the mid-70s Saturday and Sunday. It was glorious! We didn't really celebrate Easter this year, since we are not religious and the twins are too young for egg hunts, candy, etc. I saw lots of fancy church ladies running around in their big hats and pantyhose today and was very thankful to be in my yoga pants and flip flops.

I got some good news last week at physical therapy - my abdominal separation has closed to what they consider to be a "normal" gap, so I no longer have diastasis. I have been doing about 15 minutes per day of core-strengthening exercises to it's nice to know that my effort is paying off. I'm also "running" again. I use the quotes because if you saw me you definitely wouldn't think "runner" and I am currently alternating between walking/running to build my stamina and strength back up. For some reason with both pregnancies I have developed knee pain at about 6 weeks postpartum - I used to think it was from walking around with all the extra weight but the fact that it doesn't turn up until several weeks after I've had the baby(ies) has led me to physical therapy (as opposed to Weight Watchers) both times. It seems that the root of the problem is my hips, which are weak, tight and out of alignment, probably (maybe) due to the pregnancy, but no one really knows for sure. My physical therapist has also been helping me with this knee issue, sometimes cruelly. Last week she made me roll up my pant legs above my knees, tuck in my tshirt, and run on a treadmill while her assistant videotaped me. Needless to say that is not my best look! Especially considering I've still got 20 pounds to lose. That said, now that I am "running" again, I think that I can be back to some semblance of my normal self by the end of the summer if I can resist the temptation to sit outside and drink beer all summer (that's a big if).

On the DuBabies front, both babies rolled over for the first time last Thursday. This is not the most exciting milestone, but I do think it is so interesting that they achieved it on the same day. They are both SO vocal - so much more vocal that Seamus ever was. Seamus' communication mainly took the form of raspberries until he was about 10 months. There is a nonstop chatter, laughing and squealing when the twins are awake - it's SO cute! They also had their 4 month pediatrician visit a few weeks ago, and I plan to update their 4 month post with stats just for our own record keeping. To summarize, they are both healthy and in the 50-75 percentile in all of their growth measurements.

Unfortunately, the sleep situation has been unraveling again and Eric and I are really struggling. Last Friday I was bleary eyed, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks on my way to work and I walked face first into a plate glass window, spilling coffee down the front of my shirt. Cool! We are working up the courage to do some real sleep training in the near future. It's just so overwhelming to think about since they are both still sleeping in bassinets in our room and waking up to eat twice per night.  Complicating matters, Greta still needs a swaddle and a pacifier to fall asleep. Sleep training will ideally involve moving them to their cribs, cutting back to one bottle and weaning Greta from the swaddle and pacifier. They are going to hate our guts!!

Speaking of sleep deprivation, we accidentally celebrated Easter last Sunday when I woke up mistakenly thinking the holiday was on March 24. My mom sent these outfits out so I thought I'd share. At least my mom had a timely screen saver for the week leading up to Easter!