Sunday, March 10, 2013

4 Months

Gus and Greta are 4 months old today - what a whirlwind! Things are starting to feel like they are clicking into place, finally. They are engaging so much with the world around them - playing with toys, smiling, laughing, talking, and most importantly - sleeping. It's still not great - but it's getting better. The weather is sometimes nice, and so we have been going for lots of walks around the neighborhood, and practicing our fake smiles when we are asked for the millionth time "Are they twins?"

Last Friday I was home alone with the twins all day after a particularly grueling night. I walked to a coffee shop that is 1.5 miles away, despite there being several that were much closer, for the sole reason that it has a double door and I was sure that I could fit the twin stroller through. (We bought the narrowest stroller on the market, but even so I always feel like I am driving my Suburban into the coffee shop.) Both babies had been so happy on the way there but the second I walked into the coffee shop they began to cry. Just getting through the doors is such an ordeal - no fewer than 3 people jumped up to help me, and there is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than feeling like/being treated like a damsel in distress. I immediately began sweating and loudly making bad jokes to the barista ("Don't worry we're not staying.") and he was asking me the questions that I find excruciating "Are these your first?" and oh my god the sweat was just pouring off of me trying to calm the babies, order coffee, thank the strangers who were helping me, and try to decide if I should tell the barista about my dead son. When we left, I imagined everyone in the coffee shop muttering some version of "holy shit what a train wreck!" but I had my caffeine and THAT was the only thing that mattered.

A few blocks from the coffee shop, we walked by a couple of moms with toddlers frolicking in a front yard, and I smiled at them and braced myself for the questions, but they just smiled back and one of them said "You go girl." I wanted to cry with gratitude. I am totally going to file that comment away for future use on a new mom.

Here are some 4 month pictures - pretty darn cute if you ask me!

This is Gris, our Au Pair. The twins were hanging out with her right before our photo shoot, so I credit her with their good mood!