Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I went back to work yesterday and I have to say that it feels pretty good to be out in the world again. It helps that the twins have been sleeping better - After a desperate and half-hearted attempt at sleep training over the weekend, we managed to get 8 hours (interrupted by only 1 feeding) for the last 2 nights - I hope we are onto something! 

Besides work, the biggest development in our life over the last month has been the arrival of our Au Pair. Gricelda ("Gris") is a 25-year old teacher from Mexico and she has been such a lifesaver! She arrived on February 7 and is living with us for at least the next year and caring for the twins during the week. I will try to make a better introduction once I have some time and some pictures of her to share. Eric and I could not be happier with our child care arrangement - it has made the transition so much easier.

Speaking of transitions, the twins are becoming more and more fun every day! Gus is so close to rolling over (back to front) - I am sure it will be any day. Greta has been rolling from belly to back for a couple of weeks but I kind of think it's accidental since it's random and she always seems so surprised to find herself on her back. They are both "talking" a lot! Gus especially - he coos and squeals and laughs all the time. Greta has what we refer to as a "muppet voice" - this high pitched gravelly sound that is so cute. We have been trying to get some video but of course they shut it all down as soon as the camera comes out. 

Here are some pics from the last few weeks

My friend Dana is pregnant with twins! She has identical boys cooking (due in July) and we can't wait to meet them this summer! She was out for a quick visit last week and we gave her a taste of life with dualies. Dana also has a 2-year old, so her life is about to get crazy in a way that even I cannot imagine.

Valentine's Day gifts from Grandpa and Grandma (my dad and Hassie.)

And Grandma O provided the matching shirts!