Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's still going on

We had more helpful visitors over the weekend in the form of experienced twin-handlers Matt and Yavonne plus their kids. Last time I saw Yavonne she pointed out that when Gus and Greta are in Kindergarten, their oldest son Kennedy will be joining us at the bar. That is CRAZY!

I remember spending weekends with them when their twins were toddlers, and by the time we got in the car to drive home our ears would be ringing from all the noise in their house - it just seemed to us like utter chaos and nonstop crying. We'd get about halfway home; the headache would start to subside and Eric would look at me and say "It's still going on, you know." This would be an ongoing joke for us - Eric loved to remind me during random quiet moments that "It's still going on."

I'm sure we sent the Gilberts home with some headaches of their own this weekend. Meanwhile at our house, it's still going on. I guess this is our comeuppance for all the fun we've made of them over the years.

 Kennedy and Maddy hitting it off with Gus.

 Jackson LOVES babies. How many 12-year old boys do you know who would admit this?

 Our Superbowl party was off the hook!

We made sure to bathe before the Gilberts arrived! I think that is the first time all four of us have smelled good at the same time. 

  Never smiling at the same time...